Sunday, 1 September 2013

Missing Maggie

I can't believe that it's already been more than a week since Maggie left us for the Rainbow Bridge.

This week has been extremely difficult for me. Accepting that I won't see Maggie again just seems unreal. The days are getting better but the nights just seem so long.

I have watched her Tribute Video 494758902389045890 times and it still brings me to tears. I'm glad that I made it though as I have found some comfort in having a little collection of photos all neatly tied together. When I'm having a moment where I'm really missing her, I play the video. 

I just wanted her to know that although I'm coming to terms with her death and less tears have been shed these past few days, I still love and miss her terribly.

This photo is how I hope she's living now. Spending eternity happily running through fields of green grass with the warmth of the sun on her back and completely at peace.

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