Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Welcome To Animal Crackers!

Hi There & Welcome To Our Blog!

This blog will follow the daily lives of our multi-animal household! We are currently the proud owners of two Golden Retrievers Murray & Genevieve, a Pacific Parrotlet Ella, three rescue cats Indie, Charlie & Cali, two guinea pigs Sir Phinneus Fluffytocks & Sir Sampson McSqueakberbox and a Syrian hamster named Scarlet. Our four rabbits, Ollie, Willow, Rocky & Honey are the stars of BudgetBunny and will only be featured through those accounts.

We will be promoting some care information as well as keeping you up to date on our multiple YouTube channels. We will of course be sharing regular updates on the pets including some of our favourite photos!

If you are looking for all things bunny related I suggest hopping over to our blog!

You can currently follow our pets on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook! We thought having a joint blog would be an easy way for our fans to keep up with all of these separate forms of social media!

Golden Retrievers:
Instagram: @thegoldenduo
Facebook: Thegoldenduo
Twitter: @genevieveandmurray
YouTube: thegoldenduo

Pacific Parrotlet Ella:
Instagram: @ellatheparrotlet
YouTube: EllatheParrotlet

Instagram: @twelvefurrypaws
YouTube: twelvefurrypaws

Guinea Pigs & Hamster:
Instagram: @BudgetBunny
Facebook: BudgetBunny
Twitter: @BudgetBunny
YouTube: BudgetBunny

And don't forget if you are looking for more compassionate living you can also find me at:

Instagram: @krystlechantelle
Twitter: @krystlechantele
YouTube: littleveganhousewife

Thank you for following and enjoy!

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