Saturday, 24 August 2013

Sweet Dreams Maggie

Sweet dreams Maggie, we will love you always and your presence will be greatly missed. 1998-2013

Yesterday morning my Mom called to say that our family dog Maggie had lost the ability to use her back legs. My sister was already on her way and my Husband and I told her we'd meet them at the vet's office.

Maggie seemed alert when we got there but couldn't use the back half of her body. Her head was also tilted at an awkward angle and she had thrown up several times. My Mom said this had come on suddenly and that Maggie hadn't suffered any trauma to cause it. The vet concluded that Maggie had most likely suffered a neurological episode or a stroke. She told us it was possible that Maggie could recover some of her mobility or she could continue to get worse but that either way she didn't see Maggie living for more than a few months. It seemed she wasn't in any pain but leaving her like this could be dangerous in a house with other pets, old wooden steps and no one home with her for most of the day. At 15 years old, Maggie slept most of the time and was blind, deaf, toothless, and now immobile. So we decided with heavy hearts the most humane thing for Maggie was for her to finally be at peace. 

Although my heart is hurting, I know we did the right thing by letting Maggie go. I truly believe this was Maggie's way of telling us it was her time. She had struggled to get around for the past few years, had lost weight, her vision, her hearing and frequently wobbled when standing or walking, having to occasionally take breaks. She had become the ultimate lap dog as she couldn't get around very well on her own. The odd time she tried to jump on to the couch or a chair she would often miss and fall or her legs would give out beneath her. We knew her time had come and that she had reached old age long ago. No matter how much time you've had with a beloved pet however, it just never seems to be enough.

I have so many fond memories that include Maggie. The excitement of getting her, late night puppy play when she couldn't sleep and lots of snuggles and cuddles when there were storms. Long walks at the dog park, winters at the cottage, summers at the cottage, swimming in the pool, hikes and canoe rides are all just the beginning of them. My sister and I remarked that we've shared more of our lives with Maggie then without her. 

The hardest part about having pets is when you have to say goodbye. Although I've cried several times over the past few days at the passing of this beautiful soul, I also remind myself of the wonderful life Maggie had because of us and the joy she brought us over the years. 

Sweet dreams Maggie. I know you have found that perfect patch of grass at the Bridge. xox

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