Wednesday, 21 December 2011

For The Love Of Dogs

Genevieve completely exhausted after vacation at Patti's
I have to tell you about the amazing in-home boarder we use for our dogs when we're away on vacation.  We stumbled upon this business accidentally while we were fretting about who would look after the pups last summer when we went to Watkins Glen.  My husband was actually at work and Patti, the owner of For The Love Of Dogs In Home Boarding came in to do some printing.  He got talking to her and immediately called me to check out her website.

I have to tell you I had looked around everywhere for the right people to look after our two spunky Golden Retrievers.  It would be our first time leaving them for more than a night or two (in which case we had family stay with them) and the thought of them being thrown in a barn with 20 or so other dogs or being stuck in a kennel all day broke my heart.  I wanted somewhere that I wouldn't have to worry about how they were being treated, or how much love they were getting or how much exercise they were being given.  I wanted to know that they were having a fun vacation just like we were!

Well I checked out the website and was so excited we began e-mailing back and forth right away.  Patti is very thorough, making sure all dogs are up to date with vaccines and flea programs.  She even requires a puppy play date in advance at her house to make sure the dogs are suitable to being in a group setting, get along well with her young Golden Retriever, Jack and so that we can tour her setup.

It was so hard leaving them for our first vacation that summer.  I had no doubt in my mind they would have a great time but it was our first time leaving them, and with people we didn't know!  Well Patti took care of that!  She updates her website daily with a quick blog on what dogs have come and gone, what's happening and even adds photos so you can see just how great of a time your dog's having too!  That first trip we were on her website every morning to make sure Genevieve and Murray were being treated well and you know what?  They were having the time of their life!

Murray slept for 3 days after he got home!
For our second trip, Genevieve and Murray were there for just over a week and I didn't worry about them once.  Sure it was hard to leave them (especially when Genevieve started whining at the gate) but the daily updates showed us just how much fun they were having without us which meant I could have fun without them!

The best part was how tired they were from a week's worth of playing and running around!  We were exhausted when we came home but didn't have to worry about them, they were asleep in the back of the truck before we even hit the highway!

So if you're in the Durham or Kawartha area in Ontario and your dogs are an important part of the family there isn't any boarding establishment I'd rather recommend than Patti at For The Love Of Dogs In Home Boarding.  Her and her husband are truly amazing people and are running the business for the right reason: because they love dogs!

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