Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bunny Beds

Last week I picked up some adorable pet beds for the bunnies.  I wrapped them in fuzzy blankets to discourage nibbling and put them in a corner of each of the rabbit cages.

Honey and Rocky couldn't care less (boo!) but Ollie and Willow have loved having something snuggly to cozy up in!

Ollie having a snuggle in his new cushy bed!

Willow curled right up in her new pink blankie!

And later that day she was fully buried except her cute little bunny behind!

And a week later.....still hanging out in the bed!
I think it's safe to say the beds are a hit with two out of four bunnies!  Willow loves spending hours 'making' her bed by rearranging her blankie just so before snuggling in.  Ollie just loves having somewhere to relax.  Either way, whenever I go in their bunny room to check on them, they're always lounging in their snuggly beds!  It is just so cute!

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