Monday, 18 August 2014

Bath Time For The Pig Wigs!

We thought Mom was getting us out for an early snuggle time. She held out a treat and cooed to each of us and we immediately thought 'This is great!'. 

 But then we were carried upstairs to the bathroom! How dare she try to hide the wonderful stench we had worked so hard for?! 

We were doused with water and shampooed, then rinsed and shampooed again! She really wanted that smell gone! We wheeked and squeaked and flailed and did our best to resist but there was no stopping Mom. 

She tried to make us love her again by wrapping us up in some snuggly towels and her oh-so-soft robe but the damage was done. 

We hate you Mom.....well at least until it's dinner time. 

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