Sunday, 26 February 2012

Introducing Sir Sampson McSqueakerbox

3 weeks ago we added Sir Sampson to our family.  Phinni has been an amazing Guinea Pig but I knew he was lonely.  Every website and book made it clear that guinea pigs should always have a friend but it was convincing my husband that I was worried about.  I brought it up one night and surprisingly Hubby said he had already been looking!  I immediately set to work calling some places and checking ads online and the next day we came home with Sammi!

Of course Phinni had to show Sammi he was the boss so there was some rumble-strutting and mounting but overall it went fairly well.  I introduced them in a neutral spot and gave them each a bath so they would smell the same.  I cleaned out their cage, washed all plastic toys and took out anything I couldn't wash so when I placed them in there Phinni wouldn't feel like Sammi was in his territory.  Phinni was also a little bossy with the food at first so I put a second small litterbox at the opposite end of the cage with an extra water and food dish and hay.  We knew it would all work out though, whenever I took Sammi out of the cage, Phinni would start wheeking for him!

And now they're best buds!  Sammi follows Phinni everywhere he goes.  You will hear them making their little noises in the cage or calling to one another if the other finds something exciting!  Sammi is pretty quiet still but coming out of his shell, he wheeked for veggies for the first time the other day!  We're pretty excited, especially that Phinni seems very happy now that he has a little friend.

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